Thursday, February 20, 2014

Petition - Please Sign

*UPDATE* This petition is no longer active. Unfortunately, it did not receive the signatures needed.

The below information is taken from The White House website, a petition to require ALL states to include fertility treatments for every insured person. Please sign the petition here.

We petition the Obama administration to:
Include infertility treatments/care for every insured individual as part of their health insurance coverage.
Approximately 7.3 million couples in the U.S. suffer from infertility.
44% of women have sought medical treatment for infertility.
Currently, only 15 states provide coverage for infertility.
Our goal is to make it mandatory for every state to provide couples with care and treatment for infertility as an essential health care benefit.
We believe that every couple should be able to experience the joys of parenthood if they would like to.
The option to seek treatment should be affordable and not cause the "Average" American family to suffer financial hardships.
So many couples suffer from depression due to infertility, leading to loss of jobs, friendships and even marriages.
With your signature we can make parenthood a "Probability" and not a "Possibility".

If every person who see this petition signs and passes it along, that puts women like myself, one step closer to living our dreams. Infertility may not affect you, but more than likely, it affects someone you know. The affects from suffering infertility have been studied and proven to be just as mentally exhausting as suffering from Cancer. There are many different types of infertility, and it doesn't just affect women, but women usually feel stronger about it than men.

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