Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lazy Day

Nothing terribly interesting is happening today. I am gearing up for a couple of things though. First off we have the September reading challenge starting tomorrow, which should be pretty awesome. Then, also starting tomorrow, is PCOS Awareness Month. All month long I will be posting different things on my social media accounts to help raise awareness. Twitter will be mainly facts, Facebook will probably be some links, and here will be personally opinions and stories. I will probably link back to some other PCOS blogs as well.

I was not able to post anything last night due to some technical difficulties with this "smart" phone. After a factory reset and many, many updates things are back to normal. Thanks to Google, I didn't lose any contacts, and most of my settings imported back in.

In conclusion, things are great, and this month my blog should start getting more interesting. I think that I heard somewhere that it takes between twenty and thirty days for something to become a habit. So, I'm hoping to keep up on the posts for a full thirty days so that it will become a habit. Also, I hope my blogs grow and become better over time.

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