Friday, January 3, 2014

Procrastinatation and Bucket Lists...

I am back again. We have two topics for today, they may seem unrelated, but I think they segue into each other well. Also, I will post the pictures that I have been promising to post from my "picture a day" list.

Today's question is, "Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your to-do list?". I do like to procrastinate, but as mentioned in my previous post, I work well under pressure. When I know a deadline is coming up, I can usually crank out a project, or whatever, quickly and thoroughly. I absolutely enjoy having a list of things that need to be done, and so that I can refer back to them instead of trying to remember all of them. However, I am really bad at writing lists. This brings us to our second topic, the bucket list.

A bucket list is constantly growing and changing. They are supposed to be realistic goals that you expect to complete in your lifetime. I have never even thought about creating a bucket list, but what the hay, I'll give it a go. Now keep in mind, that this is supposed to be a constantly evolving list, not something you sit and fill out as though it is written in stone. With that said, I will keep it short for today, but continually add to it, at least once a week.

1. Travel to Germany
2. Travel to Italy
3. Write a book
4. Have children
5. Become a better person, inside and out

1. Me. I looked crappy today, so we are going old school.


Marquette, MI 2007

2. Breakfast

Fast, easy, sausage and pancakes... ON A STICK!

3. Something I adore


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