Monday, December 30, 2013

New to Blogging

Here goes nothing...

The way I figure things is like this; I have a lot of thoughts and emotions that I need to express, but if I'm not careful it come out like random nonsense. So... the way I've decided to start this blog is by looking at different "30 Day Blogging Challenges" to get some ideas until I get more control of my thoughts. These topics may be random, but I will keep them as relevant as possible, which shouldn't be too hard. ;)

I want to discuss the name of my blog, though it seems pretty self explanatory. I have a crazy messed up life. There may be a few things I would change, but the majority I would keep just the way they are. When I was younger I used to journal about my feelings to keep myself sane, so I figured, "Why not start a blog and share the craziness!" Some days the posts may veer towards the depressing side, other days they may be so optimistically happy you vomit. If you decide to keep reading, welcome to the crazy rollercoaster of my life!

Tomorrow, everyone will learn twenty different facts about me!

Welcome to my crazy life. I hope you enjoy your stay!


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